Jessica and Ashley

How We Met

From the beginning, we talked about engagement and getting married, we were two complete strangers at a bar that she was performing. She came up to me during her performance constantly and the last song she did she grabbed my hand and kissed it, I have been hers ever since. We talked for over a month and she decided to do a performance at the same bar we met at.

Where to Propose in Colorado Springs Pride fest

In the performance she got all dressed up and took me up on the stage, she danced with me and then in front of everyone asked me to be her girlfriend. Life couldn’t have been better, we were so great for each other and just fell together like it was completely meant to be. We had the best time together, we moved in with each other right away, which sounds crazy I know but it was perfect in every single way.

How They Asked

Time went by and I decided I wanted to make her my wife and I didn’t want to wait. So when she got asked to perform at Colorado Springs Pride Fest I just knew that was perfect since we met while she was on stage and she asked me out on stage. What I didn’t know is she was planning the exact same thing. The whole day our friends hid the secret and they didn’t know what to do, so they decided to let it just happen and see how it went. It was absolutely perfect. We are planning our wedding, raising our beautiful little girl and looking into becoming foster parents. To this day I am beyond in love with this beautiful woman and the life we have started.

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