Jess and Paulina

Proposal Ideas On a cliff over a pond

How They Asked

Marry me today, and every day. One of the scariest things I’ve ever done, even when I knew she’d say a 200% YES!

Where to Propose in On a cliff over a pond

When we started dating she gave me a “timeline” YES an actual timeline. “You have to wait 3 years to propose!” Little did she know, as soon we hit our 3 year anniversary, I started planning her surprise proposal. So many nights I would “fake-propose” to her as a joke, but little did she know it was just around the corner! One night Paulina said “I don’t care how you propose, you could do it here in the kitchen, with a ring from Walmart, and I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes as long as it’s with you” My heart knew this girl deserved the universe and more.

Jess and Paulina's Engagement in On a cliff over a pond

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