Jess and Cori

How We Met

Jess and I met on Instagram! She was a personal trainer looking to use social media to help motivate and keep girls accountable for their fitness. She asked a group of girls to do a pushup challenge for 7 days together, and I was one of the random 10 girls. At that time, I actually completely bailed on the challenge and we didn’t talk for months. Then one day, Jess messaged me about how I balanced my faith and my sexuality. We began talking every day and a friendship was built on our faith and fitness. 4 months later she flew from Seattle, Washington to Little Rock, Arkansas to visit me as friends. Honestly, we only had intentions on meeting our “social media” best friend but ended up meeting someone much more important. Jess walked out of the small airport and I spotted her from my green Honda CRV. I got out of the car to give me a hug, and at that moment I knew I met the person I’d spend the rest of my life with. The rest is history!

Jess and Cori's Engagement in Gas Works Park in Seattle

How They Asked

Jess created and planned a scavenger hunt for me and some of our friends from church months ago. She had our friend Emily “plan” the whole thing and send out updates accordingly. She event had Emily send out the rules for the scavenger hunt a few weeks prior and everything looked so legit. On the morning of the scavenger hunt, we split up teams and began the hunt! There were four different locations we had to go to and random things that I love were on there (feed a seagull, buy fudge from Seattle fudge, the gum wall). The final location was Gas Works Park, a place where she took me on a picnic, my favorite date we’d ever been on.

The final clue of the scavenger hunt said to go to the place where we had my favorite date! At that moment, I knew. Before that, I honestly had no idea and was just excited to do a scavenger hunt with our friends in the city. As I was walking, my heart was racing and I couldn’t decide if I should run or not. I walked around the corner and saw her standing there with a sign that said “Will you marry me?” and I just exploded with joy.

I continued walking towards her and she asked me to spend forever with her. The easiest YES I’ve ever said!

Jess's Proposal in Gas Works Park in Seattle

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Gas Works Park in Seattle

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Special Thanks

Jess Klein
 | Photographer
Emily Roy
 | Planning