Jennifer and Rebecca

How We Met

Rebecca and I met on Tinder a little over two years ago. We were outside of each other’s mile parameters, so we’re still not sure how we were able to match! We lived about an hour and a half away from each and often worked different shifts, so we got used to driving a 3 hour round trip a few times a week at all hours so we could see each other. After about a year of dating, we were able to move in together in Philadelphia and we have been loving exploring the city ever since!

How They Asked

I knew Christopher Park was where I wanted to propose – the Stonewall Riots that occurred there in 1969 are widely considered to be the beginning of the modern gay rights movement in the United States and around the world and Pride in NYC is where I first knew that I was in love with Becca! I spent the morning pretending to be at a professional development conference before getting her to come to the park by saying we were doing an LGBTQ walking tour of the Village.

Proposal Ideas Grenwich Village, NYC

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Grenwich Village, NYC

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Grenwich Village, NYC

Our photographer pretended to be associated with the tour while we got into position! She was completely surprised and I think we both blacked out a little while it was happening! After the proposal, we were able to do an engagement photo session around NYC and a delicious waterfront lunch in Brooklyn.

Special Thanks

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