Jennie and Christina

how we met

We first met through mutual friends but I was dating someone at the time. We didn’t talk to each other much that day but I knew she was “trouble” the moment I saw her. It wasn’t until months later, when I was single, that we “swiped right” and connected.

how they asked

Christina proposed to me while I was at work. My boss and all of my co-workers were in on it. It was a huge surprise! My boss came up to me asked me to look something over and made it seem like I had made a mistake and I was so busy that day that I immediately had an attitude about it like “oh gosh what now?!” I didn’t even notice ALL of my coworkers walking right in front of me and into the room, phones videotaping everything and all! I read the text in front of me and it was a beautiful proposal. Before I could even put two and two together Christina walked in and got down on one knee. It was absolutely breathtakingly perfect. Jennie proposed to me on Thanksgiving Day with all of my family there. It was a total surprise and I don’t do well with being the center of attention so I hid behind her as my family cheered and congratulated us. She asked if I “would marry her back” and of course I said yes. I had no idea she was going to propose to me after I had already proposed to her but she wanted me to have that moment too.

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