Jenna and Greg

How We Met

My, now husband and I went to school together and little did he know at the time I had a crush on him, and him on me! Fast forward 4 years and no communication later we did the most millennial thing we could and we matched on Tinder. At this time I was living in Wisconsin and he was living in Arizona for the Air Force so while he was on leave in Wisconsin our timing to be on Tinder was perfect.

So our reconnection had begun and we continued to talk for a month while being long distance. Everything was going well and we clicked so perfectly that he wanted me to visit him in Arizona. I didn’t know if he wanted me to visit as a friend or more than that so I told him I liked him and needed to know what we were before going out there.

Jenna and Greg's Engagement in Our living room

Luckily he told me he liked me as well and since I have no patience I asked him to be my boyfriend and he said: “holy shit, of course, I will”. So a couple of weeks later I visited him in Arizona for 4 days and the trip went amazing. We continued to be in a long-distance relationship for 7.5 months before I decided to move to Arizona to be with him.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our living room

How They Asked

SPOILER: I proposed to him!

Greg and I had been dating for about a year and seven months when we got engaged. We had talked about getting engaged since we had started dating and we knew it was what we both wanted. Now, the thing about Greg is he is very good at procrastinating, and the thing about me is I’m very impatient. The night before the proposal we were talking about when we would get engaged and he said he was planning on it soon. Well, I didn’t like the word “soon” because that wasn’t an actual time-stamp so right then and there I decided to myself that I would propose. The next night when he got home from work was like any other. We sat on the couch and had dinner and watched a movie. The whole time I was thinking to myself “Ok when is the right time?

Should I get on one knee?” I didn’t but I highly recommend it. He could tell I was nervous and he kept asking what was wrong so finally, I turned to him and said while fighting through tears “I love you so much and I don’t care who asks whom, so will you marry me”? He, of course, said yes and gave me a huge hug. Monica was right, crying through the proposal is why girls don’t do it. A few days later we went to a jewelry store and picked out my engagement ring together and once we got home he got down on one knee and proposed to me, so we were double engaged. Fast forward 2 months and two canceled courthouse weddings due to COVID-19 we are now married.