Jenna and Eirann

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How We Met

In the summer of 2015, I was planning to spend my time teaching camps at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, as I usually did. A few years prior, I had met another teacher named Eirann who graciously offered to cover some of my classes while I was studying abroad, but I hadn’t had much interaction with her since that time. That summer required us to work together closely, as I was the props instructor, and she was the director of our camp shows.

As we began to spend more time together, we both became more intrigued with the other in our own unique ways. Me, being the introvert that I am, cautiously observed Eirann’s outgoing and kind nature and hoped to learn more about her. Eirann, ever the extrovert, would casually seek out my company and share her escapades from the summer. Soon, we began to start meeting outside of the theater to discuss work. However, those meetings quickly turned into a short discussion about work and hours of conversation, getting to know each other.

Eirann was the first to recognize her feelings, as she casually went into the bathroom while we were hanging out one day and canceled a rehearsal for their improv troupe so that we could keep talking. I realized that I really enjoyed talking with Eirann and started to flirt back during our final week of camp together. On our final day of camp, we both brought a Michigan-themed present for the other and decided to hang out that weekend. We watched movies, went to the Farmers Market, and during that week, went on our first official date! We’ve been together ever since.

How They Asked

Eirann and I were planning to go to Disney World for our spring break, so we were spending the day packing and cleaning the house! Eirann suggested that we get a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant before finishing all our chores, so we got ready to head out. We had to make a quick stop at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, however, because Eirann said that she had forgotten something in her office. She asked me to come inside with her, and a photographer was waiting for us next to the stairs where we had spent our summer days chatting and dismissing the students we taught. Eirann proposed in the theater where we first met, and then she took us to the restaurant where we had our first date, Terra. The restaurant had personalized menus and our favorite drinks waiting on the table. The next day, we flew to Disney World and celebrated!

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Special Thanks

Stevie Sahutske
 | Photographer