How She Asked: Jen and Ash

Image 1 of How She Asked: Jen and AshHow We Met: Jen and I have known each other for about 4 and a half years now. We met each other through work initially and became really good friends. We started dating in November 2013. One thing Jen and I have always emphasized to others about our relationship is the fact that we were really good friends first, before anything for a really long time. We were both in separate relationships when we first met, which meant there really wasn’t any romantic pressure and we genuinely enjoyed each-other’s company.

You really can’t fight love and even though initially when we spoke about dating seriously, our journey seemed tough, I knew that I never wanted to be without her. We knew it was a really big decision as Jen has two amazing children from another marriage and I knew that meeting them and starting to become a part of their lives was a serious responsibility, but now I cannot think of my life without them.

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How They Asked: Jen and I both love books, and when we moved in together, our bookshelf almost fell over with the combined weight, (we really need to get a new one). So I knew that my proposal would revolve around a novel we both loved. I chose The Great Gatsby as we both read it and loved it and also went to see the movie together.

So, I decided to alter the story a little and add an additional page to the story. I am a graphic designer so typesetting is part of my job, I found a font that was pretty close to the original and wrote out my own page, found a replacement copy, cut a page out of another copy which had a spare page in it so the pages matched and pasted in carefully along the spine, you could not tell the difference, and sure enough Jen couldn’t either.

I wanted the proposal to be the two of us, as Jen and I are home bodies a lot of the time, and she would have known exactly what was happening if I did something grand, plus she can really read me like a book, it would have be written all over my face. We have no secrets, and it is really tough to keep things from her, I did a great job getting the ring made without her picking up on that.

So on an average Wednesday night, as we were laying down reading next to each other as we sometimes do, I leaned over and casually said to Jen, “This is funny, I have read this book so many times and for the life of me I cannot remember this part?” None the wiser Jen took the book from my as she often does and began reading the page from where I was pointing. I was astonished that she got to the end of the page and said “I don’t remember this either, that is so weird. Where did you get this copy?” You can see the full page attached, probably best that you read the page at this point.

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I then asked her if she thought the woman would say yes though, and she looked at me with concentration and I could almost pin point the moment the penny dropped. I asked her if she would marry me, and I was given a yes. I have never seen the expression that came over Jen’s face in that moment. It was indescribably, a mixture between disbelief, happiness, assurance, and pure bliss. My words caught in my throat as she wrapped her arms around me and held me for such a long moment. My life felt complete. Jen explained that I did it perfect, and that this was “so us”.
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