Jen and Amy


How We Met

I lived in California, Jen lived in Chicago. A mutual friend introduced us and our distance apart couldn’t hold us back from experiencing an instant, electric connection. I bought a plane ticket to meet her in person and as each day past, we posted a hand-crafted number to countdown to the first meet. We had a little over a month to learn everything we could about each other that by the time we physically met, so much care and trust had been built.

Jen and Amy's Engagement in Zion National Park

Friends asked, “Are you worried it won’t be the same in person?” but deep down, I knew we had nothing to be afraid of. The trip was the thing of movies. We ended out countdown with a number zero and the rest was history. Trips back and forth lasted for half a year until I decided to make the jump and move to Chicago. Life only got better from here. Well, besides the cold, cold weather…

How They Asked

We’re both artist and designers by trade so I knew my proposal had to be a creative one. Jen and I had a trip planned for Zion National Park in Utah. I brought my video camera along to document the trip. During the weekend, I kept planting the seed that there was this overlook we HAD to see. On our last day in the park, we began out short hike, camera on and ring in my pocket. We made it to the perfect spot and while she was busy shooting photos, I framed up the shot. I asked for a cameo and after we stood there for a moment’s wave, I made the move. She was so surprised and I was so excited to finally be asking that we both just cried.


I sobbed out the quested and she nodded. The perfect moment created with the perfect girl. It felt like fairytales do come true.



Our Video

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