Jaclyn and Deirdre

How We Met

During college we were introduced over social media by friends of friends because we were studying similar things and had similar hobbies. We stayed in touch over the years and became really close friends; we were actually friends for ten years before we started dating.

How They Asked

Basically as soon as we started dating we knew that we were going to get married, so once we moved in together it was just a matter of when. Deirdre spends a lot of time in Japan for work, and when the opportunity came up for Jackie to come with her for a week we started planning to propose. We agreed that we both wanted to propose and that we should both get an opportunity, but wanted it to be a surprise. So we packed our rings in our carry-on luggage and from the time we landed at Narita it was a race to see who would pop the question first! Deirdre asked Jackie in a private room at a cafe on their first day, and she had a whole speech written and practiced that she promptly forgot when she got on one knee. Jackie, intent on showing Deirdre just how terrifying it is to wander around a foreign country with an expensive ring on, proposed the following day while we were out and about.



Special Thanks