How She Asked: Sara and Danielle

Image 1 of Sara and Danielle

How We Met

We met on facebook. Danielle saw me on a list of people attending an event she was going to and she messaged me. She said she did not want to take the chance that I might have just clicked attend but did not have plans to go. To avoid sounding crazy she said she thought we had met before. I went along with it because I was drawn to her picture and talking to her made me smile. We met at the event and hit it off from that moment. The next weekend we were off to New York City to celebrate Pride. While we were there she admitted we had never met before but that she just wanted a reason to talk to me. We completely fell in love right away and it has been the most perfect 3.5 years.

How They Asked

I have always wanted to visit Bali so we decided to take a side trip during our Australian vacation to stay in Bali for 5 days. The whole trip was perfect. We stayed in a beautiful villa with our own pool and had a driver take us around Bali every day. The day she proposed, we climbed a live volcano, hung out with wild monkeys that live on the volcano, and got a massage. I did not suspect a thing. We went to a dinner that she had reserved before we left for our trip. I knew it would be good but I thought she had made reservations beforehand because it was a popular dinner spot. We arrived and had a drink overlooking the ocean. We were then taken by golf cart to an amazing table surrounded by a Koi pond with a direct view of the beach. Danielle went to the bathroom and I was handed an ipad and told that the english version of the menu was on it. Then I was handed headphones and I knew something was going on. A music video played with all of my best friends and Danielle’s best friends. Danielle did the chorus and I was all tears (happy ones, of course). At the end, some of our family and friends told me to say yes. The waiter brought me down to the beach where Danielle was standing. There were lights all around the beach, a beautiful pergola with amazing decorations including sunflowers (very hard to find in Bali – my favorite flowers) and pictures of us hanging from the top. A playlist with our songs were playing and we took some pictures with the photographer and sat down for our private dinner. A private chef and waiters were sitting nearby under a natural cave cooking our authentic Balinese meal. It was a dream come true. After dinner we went back to our villa which was decorated with rose petals everywhere, lights surrounding the pool, and chocolate and wine.

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