How She Asked: Maryann and Maribel

How We Met

We me in 2008, on MySpace. We had dated for a year and a half then she finally asked me if I would be her girl friend!

how they asked

Six years later we have her a birthday part. She starts setting up a projector (she said for karaoke) but little did I know she made a slide show about us! Well it started with her but the music changed and it read “but this isn’t about me it’s about us”. The video went on and at the end it said “look at the top of the stairs” (which were all lit up with lights) one by one her nieces and nephews came down with flowers at the end she came down with a bouquet of red roses. (But forgot the ring…I think she was nervous) with ring in hand she said “you know I love you and we’ve been together a while and you are the love of my life, I already asked your dad for your hand in marriage and I was wondering if you’d be my wife?”

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