How She Asked: Family Flash Mob

Image 1 of How She Asked: Family Flash MobHow we met: I first met T when I was meeting up with friends in Breckenridge. I thought she was beautiful and was a little sad she was seeing someone else at the time.

Months passed and she ended up moving down to Denver, where I lived. Someone told me I should show her around town and we spent a lot of time together exploring the city. It didn’t take her long to realize there was more there, but I was a little slow on the pick up.

The next few weeks we got to know one another, but it wasn’t until T settled into a job and became more comfortable with her new life in Denver that I really saw the passionate, fun spirited side of her.

My feelings for her grew more intense everyday. There was a point in time I realized she was everything I wanted but thought couldn’t exist. I knew I loved her, and that I wanted to love her forever.

How They Asked: In July of 2013 I knew I wanted to do a flash mob proposal. The next 8 months were spent preparing, and also spent hiding things from T. In December we went to California to see her family for Christmas. It was then I talked to her parents about marrying her. It was promptly followed with the question “do you know what a flash mob is?”….

Friends and family from California to Virginia came together to create this flash mob proposal. On March 7th, 2014, T went to the Breckenridge Brewery to meet with a friend. She had no idea there was more than Image 2 of How She Asked: Family Flash Mobone friend that would be there, let alone her family. The mob starts off with friends of mine and coworkers that T didn’t know. Once the chorus starts all of her friends join in. She told me it was then she knew it was a big deal. Later in the song her family and close friends from out of state entered in and gave her 3 different color of roses. When we first started dating I sent her flowers like this and told her what each one meant. T told me when this happened she knew it was a really big deal!

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After the proposal we had one big party and were surrounded by so much love and support. The fun extended into the weekend as family stayed to continue with the celebration.

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Video by Angel Andres