Hillary and Lisa

How We Met

Lisa and I met a year and a half ago after she reached out to me requesting a yoga date! I was and still am an avid yogi, and Lisa had seen my Instagram and was wanting to grow her practice- so she decided to reach out (plus later I found out it was also because she thought I was cute ?) Lisa showed up at my house with her mat, we began chatting, and we instantly felt such a strong connection.

How They Asked

One and a half years later, Lisa and I planned a trip to California. California is somewhere I have wanted to visit since I was a little girl. The day of our trip arrived, we flew to LA and checked in to our Airbnb. Laying on the bed, Lisa tells me she has a “little” surprised planned for that evening. “It’s just something small, so don’t get too excited!” she told me. We got all dressed up, drove for about an hour (I could barely sit still I was so excited to see where we were going)

We arrived at a big building that said helicopter tours on the outside. HOW EXCITING! We took off in our helicopter- snapped pictures and stole kisses in the air.

To my surprise, flying over Malibu, the pilot said we were landing for a few minutes. So we came to land 4,000 feet up, on a mountain top in Malibu just as the sun was setting. The pilot prepared a picnic with champagne and cheesecake, and Lisa set up our tripod to get some photos. Little did I know she set the camera up on video mode to capture the moment??. We stood there, thousands of feet up, and my human asked me to spend forever with her.

The universe could not have possibly given me more than everything I had in that very moment.

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