Hannah and Rachael

How We Met

When I (Rachael) was a lifeguard at the University of Florida, I was captivated by a swim instructor. It wasn’t just her beauty, it was her energy and the way she interacted with others. I remember thinking I hope there’s a gay girl like her somewhere. Little did I know Hannah would give me her number on the last day of work that summer. At the summer’s end, I moved across the country, back home to Colorado.

After moving home I began a photojournalist series, Inside the Black Triangle. The assumption I made about Hannah was one of my inspirations for the project.

Three years later Hannah moved to Colorado and we reconnected. I was still completely in awe of Hannah and still hoped we would spend our lives together. After eight summers apart we began dating and fell madly in love.

How They Asked

While on a family trip Rachael whisked me away for an evening hike in the headlands of San Francisco to watch the sunset. The wind that night was REAL. When she got us to the trail a “friend had given her”, I thought I wouldn’t make it down. But she was so excited I had to try and I definitely slid down on my butt part of the way. We walked through the most magical glowing golden grassy field overlooking grand cliffs with crashing waves beneath them. She started reading me a few pages from her journal and then asked me to marry her!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in San Francisco

She had one of my best friends make part of the ring and it makes me so happy when I look at it. After she asked me we continued walking down the side of the mountain to the most beautiful picnic set up right at the end, complete with our own incredible photographer, Anna Elizabeth. Every day I wish I could go back to that moment, I have never felt so special.

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Hannah's Proposal in San Francisco

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Special Thanks

Anna Elizabeth
 | Photographer
Alexis Russell
 | Ring Designer (Turquoise Ring)
The Wild Tide
 | Ringer Designer (Gold & Diamond Band)