Hannah and Megan

Hannah and Megan's Engagement in Washington DC

How We Met

I found Megan through sheer good luck, and of course, Tinder. At that time Megan was in Philadelphia, playing D1 soccer and in the middle of her senior season, and I was living in Baltimore. She happened to be playing my alma mater and has since admitted, was on Tinder while on the bus to the fields. The swipes aligned and I immediately reached out She wasn’t able to leave campus on the weekends due to her soccer schedule, but after a few FaceTime dates she asked me on a real dinner date and I couldn’t refuse. I ended up taking the train & crossing two state lines just to meet this girl! There may have been some liquid courage on my part, but the nerves went away so quickly. She took me on an amazing dinner date that involved a view of Rittenhouse Park from our dinner table, walking down the waterfront, and of course dessert. This “dinner date” went so well we decided to spend the entire weekend getting to know each other. Little did I know that Sunday night I would catch a virus, and end up spending half of Monday not on a train home, but in the ER! Till this day we joke that our second date was at the hospital (and it was still an amazing date too).

How They Asked

Hard to believe but Megan started planning this day three years ago! We moved in together after two years of living in different cities, where we had developed a habit of writing and hiding notes for each other to find every time we had to leave each other. So when we finally moved in together, Megan continued to leave me cute little notes every day before work and I thought nothing of it! Fast forward three years, I had just wrapped up another round of law school finals, and we were getting ready to celebrate that weekend (Megan had gotten us tickets to a concert Saturday night, and we had a brunch planned with my friends earlier in the day). Meg works at an interior design firm and so when she told me installation of hers at a home in Dupont was running late I didn’t think twice about it.

Just as we were about to leave for brunch on Saturday Megan “realized” that she left her wallet at the home the previous day! We were already dressed and ready for brunch so we decided to swing by this place first (totally out of the way) and then head straight there. Well, when I opened the door I quickly realized there was no forgotten wallet! Meg had made a path of red rose petals and lights leading straight to a beautiful wall of ALL the notes she had written to me over the past three years!

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She had strung the notes together and hung them with hundreds of flowers and twinkling lights in between! It was absolutely breathtaking, and of course, I said “Yes!” Afterward, it was so amazing to pop a bottle of champagne together and read through the notes and be reminded of our past few years of living and loving together! But the surprises didn’t stop there! Megan had planned this so well that our friends and family from out of state were able to drive/fly into DC! The concert tickets she had gotten us were totally fake and we celebrated at a local bar she had reserved with our favorite people! It was easily the best weekend EVER!

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