Hannah and Lindsay

How We Met

We met in St. Petersburg, FL in October 2017. Hannah was a Sales Associate at Orangetheory Fitness, and I was an incoming coach. We hit it off right away, but I’d never been with a woman, and I didn’t want to date a coworker. Hannah professed her feelings for me twice, and both times I told her that they weren’t reciprocal, though deep down I knew they were. We remained close, though I was too shy to make a move for months.

Finally, in January 2018 our chemistry was undeniable and we started dating, a few days before Hannah’s birthday. A true lesbian stereotype, Hannah moved into my apartment the next day, and never left. Since then, we’ve moved from St. Pete to Tampa to Charlotte, NC, where we are now.

After adopting two kittens, surviving job layoffs, and a pandemic, we decided there wasn’t anything we couldn’t do if we were together. We’d talked about getting engaged for a while, but the timing kept getting ruined as months passed into the pandemic.

How They Asked

We moved into a bigger apartment in September since we both were working from home, and Hannah mentioned wanting to create a photo wall of us for our new living room. She’d always wanted professional photos done, so I worked with our photographer Haylie to surprise Hannah with an engagement during our photoshoot.

A true testament to how well she knows me (and how horrible I am at keeping secrets), Hannah knew I was off that Sunday morning. As we take our first few photos, we were relaxed and at ease, and the fall leaves set the perfect tone for this changing season in our lives. We finally get to our agreed-upon spot and Haylie nods at me that it’s time. She has Hannah turn around and I get down on one knee. As she turns back around, instead of accepting, she shouts “I knew it, I knew it!!!” Finally, I ask and she says yes. We’re one week into our engagement and happier than ever, and so grateful to Haylie for helping us capture this special moment to preserve it forever.



Special Thanks