Haley and Jenni

Proposal Ideas Home!

How We Met

We met in Austin when Jenni was working at a co-op and I was an AmeriCorps member. Our first date was at a bad open mic comedy night; we ended up staying till the place closed, and I knew for sure Jenni was special on our second date at Chuy’s when we both simultaneously got flustered and tripped over ourselves.

How They Asked

I wasn’t sure what kind of rings we would want to get, but I knew I was ready to propose and that Jenni would want it to be just us, so I spent at least a month trying to figure out how to make an at-home ringless proposal a special moment. She asked me to make her a blanket for Christmas, and after I started it, the idea came to me. She watched me knit almost the whole thing, and then at the end, I slipped away (a.k.a. very suspiciously disappeared into our craft room and told her not to follow) so I could stitch in the words. Since it was the day after Christmas, it took her a minute to realize it did not, in fact, say “merry.” I could tell when she figured it out because she immediately pulled it over her head and disappeared- but I did eventually get a verbal yes! :)