Gabrielle and Teresa

Gabrielle Rose and Teresa's Engagement in Sandy hook, NJ

How We Met

Teresa and I met online on Christmas Eve, in 2015. We both weren’t looking for anything in particular, and both hated using the apps. I had actually messaged her first (& she never lets me forget it) just looking to see if maybe this one message would bring me luck. I remember thinking “this girl is so cute”. She wound up messaging me back, and we talked via text and FaceTime for over two months before even going on a first date. She made me laugh before ever meeting her. We went out and had the most AWKWARD first date at a sushi lounge because we were both terribly and painfully nervous. And when I tried to kiss her, she rejected me because of how nervous she was! (Super adorable). I left that night thinking i was never going to see her again because I thought “Guess we just didn’t have the chemistry I thought we did”. I got into my car, and she texted me about how sorry she was that it was awkward and how nervous she was. That text was what got us our second date, our third and so on and so forth. That was 3 and 1/2 years ago. Since then, I’ve had the adventure of my life with her. We’ve lived in Hawaii, we’ve traveled a ton, and fallen more in love with each passing day. We now live together in the same complex where she lived when we first met. Never believed in anything like this, till her. Now we’re engaged and planning our whole life together. I couldn’t love her more, or feel more like I was home.

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Gabrielle Rose's Proposal in Sandy hook, NJ

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How They Asked

Teresa booked a photo shoot for me to get portraits done. I’m in cosmetology school and I wanted to get them done to keep in my portfolio. So she surprised me with it. I thought nothing of it except “Hey thanks babe that’s so sweet of you!!!” She tells me though that the photographer was booked from August on, so I would have to get them done in July if I wanted them done by the photographer. So I booked it without thinking anything weird. The day of the shoot comes and we spent the day at home together and then got ready to go. When we arrived, our two photographers were there and we began the shoot after searching for the perfect spot. After a few solo shots, the photographer says “turn around and face the sunset and I’ll get some back shots and when I tell you, turn around!” So I did, and when I turned around, Teresa was on her knee. I ugly cried all while listening to her say the words I’ve been wanting her to say for 3 years. Parallel Line by Keith Urban was playing in the background and I couldn’t believe that I had just said yes to the love of all my lives. It was pure magic.

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Special Thanks

Sophia Jones
 | Photographer
Patrick spurlock
 | Photographer