How She Asked: Gabrielle and Alysha

How We Met: I had known of my soon-to-be wife (Alysha) since 2009, but never actually had enough courage to try to be something more, even just friends. In May 2013, after an awful break-up with someone, my friends decided to take me to Provincetown, Massachusetts so I could learn that there was more to life than the past.

Once we arrived, I went to a little craft store and bought a homemade “good luck Buddha” clay knickknack. The lady told me to hold onto it until I found what I was looking for. Later that night, Alysha randomly showed up in my hotel room because we shared a mutual friend. From that night on, it was history.

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How They Asked: Within our first year of being together, Alysha and I knew that we found our forevers. One of the biggest things we had in common, as silly as it sounds, was our interest in wine! We decided to go to Renault Winery in Egg Harbor City for a trip, bought their famous Blueberry Champagne, and promised ourselves we wouldn’t open it until the night we moved in together. Five months later, we moved into our new home, popped the champagne, and knew things were finally falling into place.

A year later, she wanted our parents to get to know each other better, and suggested we go back to Renault Winery for a tour, tasting, and brunch. Upon arriving, I saw our families there as well! I got so excited since I don’t see her side of the family often. After the tour and tasting, we went to brunch. Alysha stood up to toast me on finally graduating from my Masters program and finally becoming a School Psychologist.

She told me she couldn’t have been more proud to be by my side, got down on one knee, and dropped the line from our now soon-to-be wedding song, “Will you make plans to stay the rest of your life?” I don’t think I’ve ever responded to a question any quicker than I did to that one. She stole my heart, my breath, and my appetite because I could not eat anything at brunch after that!

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The whole restaurant bought us champagne until we left hours later. Having both our families there, supporting such a non-traditional relationship, was one of the most beautiful and memorable experiences of my life. I love you Alysha. <3