Gabriela and Rebekka

Image 1 of Gabriela and Rebekka

How We Met

We met in middle school, since we were both in band class. We bonded through marching band in 8th grade, and remained friends all through high school. While I developed feelings for her my sophomore year of high school, she didn’t discover her sexuality until she left home for college. After all that time together, we began dating after our freshman year of college. All together we’ve been friends for 12 years, and have dated for the last 5!

How They Asked

Actually I’m the one that asked! Rebekka and I were both in marching band in high school, and it was a big part of our lives and friendship for a long time. In the years after we graduated Rebekka and I would still volunteer for the band, mostly teaching students. Since the band room at our high school had so many memories for us, I knew my proposal had to be there. I “tricked” Rebekka into coming to the school for a meeting, and when she arrived she was greeted with a music stand holding a hand written note and a rose. Following that was a line of music stands, notes, and roses, each note containing a date that was significant to us in our friendship/relationship. (For example, the first time we won 1st place; the day we started dating; etc.) At the end of this trail was me, and the final date: the day I asked her to marry me. And of course, she said yes!