Gabby and Sarah

How We Met

This is a long story for sure, but we were pen pals from many years ago. Gabrielle is American and Sarah is British. After writing to each other, they linked up on Facebook and Skype to spark a friendship that lasted online and through letters for two years. Sarah finally made the move to come visit Gabrielle in the summer of 2012, taking the long flight from Edinburgh to BWI in Baltimore. It’s during this trip that they realized their feelings for each other were more than best friends. Sarah eventually had to go home after a magical 5 weeks, and there was nothing but uncertainty about how they would continue this beautiful, new relationship. They had no choice but to foster their long distance relationship with trips back and forth until Gabrielle was accepted into a Master’s program at the University of Edinburgh in 2013. She moved across the ocean to the same city Sarah where she stayed for a wonderful two years. They were able to move in together and start a great life before Gabrielle’s visa expired and she had to move back.

How They Asked

They did more trips back and forth and in November 2017, Gabrielle asked Sarah to marry her in London (a city that had always been their in between after many connecting flights in Heathrow airport) in their hotel room after a beautiful day of food and theater, overlooking Big Ben. Gabrielle started crying before even getting the words out, and Sarah said “yes!” This would begin the next step of their journey where Sarah made the decision to move to the USA after finishing University and her first year at work. Sarah moved in January of 2018, and we are finally together for good after 7 years.

Special Thanks

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