Francesca and Jack

Where to Propose in South Lake Tahoe

How We Met

We met in college through mutual friends. We hung around each other a lot before we had officially met and after that first official handshake, the rest was history. My best friend (a mutual friend) sat with us and VERY obviously pointed out some of our mutual interests and that’s where it all began. We celebrated our 6th dating anniversary in December 2019.

How They Asked

One of our mutual friends recently got engaged and started calling us out since we had been together for so long. My partner and I had already been talking about getting married for a little while and another friend pointed out that 2020 was a leap year.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in South Lake Tahoe

Leap Day Proposals are an Irish tradition where women propose to their men and it was all too fitting for our relationship. I started planning a proposal with my best friend shortly after mine and my partner’s 6th dating anniversary. We’ve always folded paper cranes for each other throughout our relationship so I folded almost 100 paper cranes to hang as a backdrop to the big day.

Paper cranes also symbolize happiness and prosperity, but you have to make 1,000 of them. I mailed all of the supplies to my friend ahead of time and she helped me pull off the ultimate surprise! It was a great success and my now fiancé had no idea what was going on…even when I was mid-speech! He said yes and we will fold our hearts out until we have 2,000 paper cranes to commemorate our love. ❤️

Proposal Ideas South Lake Tahoe