Felicia and Leila

How We Met

I and Leila met online (even though she hates when I tell people that) it was the first day of my new future and I didn’t even know it. We had a connection right away with things we liked (thank you greys anatomy) and things we didn’t like, even with us being from different countries! Leila was here visiting the USA from Brazil!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in 2500 feet in the air!

Proposal Ideas 2500 feet in the air!

We instantly adored each other and couldn’t get enough! We knew the reality that she had to go back home was set in and neither of us could say goodbye, so she extended her stay!! Well, two extensions and a proposal later it looks like I may have just won her over! Yes, we are from completely different walks of life but somehow we just work. I wouldn’t want to spend my life with anybody else.

Felicia and Leila's Engagement in 2500 feet in the air!

How They Asked

Leila really pulled out all the stops on this one! We were on a wonderful vacation in Florida at the time and we had scheduled a hot air balloon ride! I was terrified of course and she was cool calm and collected (surprisingly with the secret she was keeping!) We made our way up, 2500 feet up! The moment couldn’t have been any more perfect the sun was rising and it was so quiet and peaceful up there nothing could’ve made this moment any more special …boy was I wrong! She’s standing behind me and tells me to take a video of us. I do so and out from behind me I see a hand come around with a box and a ring!! She’s extremely shy so she was trying to be on the down-low about the proposal. Well, let’s just say the pilot didn’t allow her to be! He made her get on one knee and propose again and had someone take her phone and record the whole thing! It was the best moment of my life and I’ll hold it forever near to my heart.

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