Surprise Fake Photo Shoot Turns Into Double Proposal

How We Met

Is it possible to love someone before you meet them? I used to think it wasn’t possible but that was before Megan came into my life. We like to say our meeting was fate and it all came about through a chance encounter at a stoplight. At the time, Megan was traveling through a dark period in her life as she coped with the sudden death of her husband in a car accident. For months after, Megan blogged through her grief on Instagram, as a way of talking through the tragedy that had befallen her. It was in this time that my sister heard about her story and started tuning into Megan’s Instagram Lives. One day, while driving through Knoxville, my sister recognized Megan, in the car next to her at a stop light and rolled down her window to say hi.

Megan and Chris's Engagement in Knoxville, TN

This led to another random meeting when they accidentally crashed their carts into each other at a local department store. Before long they were fast friends. Soon after my sister told me about Megan and her incredible story and, inspired by her strength, I started following her on Instagram. After tuning in to one of Megan’s Instagram Lives, we struck up a conversation that ended up lasting for days, weeks, and months to follow. Before we knew it we were confidants and best friends. Unbeknownst to me, Megan had already fallen for me, but in an attempt to be chivalrous and respectful of her grief I was trying not to fall for her yet. Once we met in person at a friend’s cabin though, I fell hard and haven’t stopped falling yet.

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how they asked

Three months into dating, I knew I was going to marry Megan. But how to plan the perfect proposal?

Megan owns a wedding business in Knoxville and has many contacts in the wedding industry. I contacted one of her photographer friends to plan a fake styled photoshoot featuring Megan as the only model. Over the coming months, we lined up hair, makeup, and a venue to host our fake photoshoot. I figured out how to fool Find Friends to make Megan think I was still in Florida and I would sporadically hang up on our nightly FaceTime calls so she would think my internet was bad (this explained why I couldn’t FaceTime her once I was secretly in Knoxville). With all of Megan’s knowledge of weddings and proposals, I knew I had to be very sneaky to hide the proposal from her.

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All of this came together on that final, fateful day. When the time finally came, Megan looked stunning. The hair and makeup stylists had turned her into an angel and standing in the garden with her bouquet of flowers she looked like a dream. She had her back to me as she posed for the photographers.

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I walked up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder… twice because she thought I was a bug. (This is the face Megan made because she thought a bug landed on her during the photoshoot.)

When she turned around she squealed and collapsed into my chest. As we held each other I asked her if she knew why I was there. She scrunched her nose and nodded as I got down on one knee. The next few sentences are a blur because I was so overcome with happiness. I remember us both holding each other for support while I told her she was my best friend and I never wanted to live without her. “Megan, will you marry me?” finally came out of my mouth. Through teary eyes, she said yes and I put the ring on her finger.

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Megan's Proposal in Knoxville, TN

As I stood up, I pulled another ring out of my pocket and told her that if she wanted to marry me she was going to have to get down on one knee and ask me too (we had discussed me wearing an engagement ring as well and that was another part of her surprise). Laughing through her tears, Megan took my ring and got down on one knee in her beautiful dress. While I held her bouquet, I gave her a gleeful “Yes!”.

After the proposal, we took pictures in the garden. We will forever remember this perfect day and cherish these photos.

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