Julia and Faith

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How We Met

Julia and I met in December 2014 the week before Christmas. I’m in the Navy so I had just moved from San Diego to Southern Maryland the month before. Julia had just moved to the DC area with a friend. When I moved to the area and was brand new to dating women, I signed up for OKCupid. Julia was the first girl I messaged on OKCupid and the only one I ever met. Our first date was magical, even with Julia who never drinks having a few too many drinks to calm her nerves and I was happy to drive her home!

The next day after our date, I was traveling to my hometown in Ohio for two weeks. Julia and I texted non-stop and haven’t stopped since. Instantly, we had a ton of physical chemistry but it is much deeper than that. Before I met Julia, only a small handful of my friends knew that I was gay. None of my family knew. I had hidden one of the biggest parts of myself for over 26 years due to fear of letting others down. I had never learned to live for myself or have the courage to be true to my feelings. My dad and both grandpas were pastors so I never thought it was even possible to tell my family and receive acceptance.

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Julia completely changed my perspective on so many things. She had been very open and truthful about herself with her family for many years. I saw what it looks like to have a warm, accepting family love their daughter no matter what. Julia encouraged me to take my time coming out and to do it when I was ready. Very shortly after we met, I was ready to be truthful because of how special Julia was to me in such a short period of time. She helped me realize that others peoples opinions of me don’t matter and that I need to be true to myself.

Now, my whole family knows and although most aren’t accepting, I’ve accepted who I am and couldn’t be happier. We both love adventure and keep each other smiling. Julia has shown me what conquering your fears can mean. Even as the United States become more accepting, the military has more “traditional” roots. Coming out to the people I work with was extremely difficult but I’ve gotten so much positive feedback and love that a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and I realize I should have done it so many sooner. Never be scared to be yourself no matter what obstacles you are up against.

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How They Asked

Julia was determined to propose to me first so she surprised me with a getaway for our first anniversary! She sent me on a scavenger hunt that incorporated my favorite show “The Bachelor.” My proposal to Julia was four months later when I surprised her with a trip to Sedona, AZ to propose to her.

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I took her to get her hair and nails done and hired a surprise photographer to capture the moment at sunset! We’ve learned a lot in a short amount of time how quickly two strangers can become best friends and soul mates.

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Our two families have grown into one family and we couldn’t be more grateful and happy!

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Special Thanks

Jane Ferrell
 | Jane in the Woods