Erin and Lorraine

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How We Met

I am from Ireland and had been working seasonally at a Girl Scout summer camp in California for a few years. In the summer of 2015, Lo applied to work at my camp and we hired her as the Arts and Crafts director (even though she had no skills whatsoever!). On the night that she and her friend Elissa flew into town, myself and another member of the camp staff went to greet them and hang out for a while. We were at a friend’s home who brews his own beers, and everyone says that the sparks were flying!

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That summer, I spent a great deal of time at the Arts and Crafts shed, despite hating arts and crafts, and Lo gave up her free time to help me out with campfires. We spent our nights laying on our backs watching the stars in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and sneaking back to our tents at 3am. We had no cell service, and the closest town was 40 minutes away, so we spent 24 hours a day together in this very innocent environment, On the 4th of July, we visited Lake Tahoe and rented a boat. It was the most perfect day, sailing around the lake getting sun-burnt, and that night, she told me that she loved me.

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How They Asked

On 11/11, we went hiking on the North/South trail in Rhode Island with a few of our friends. On that morning, Lo was very strict that she would pack our supplies bag, and would not allow me to even put my jacket inside! It was also a very over sized bag for a short 3 mile hike, but she’s a weird kid so I let her do her thing. It was a beautiful Autumn day, and when we reached the Rhode Island/Massachusetts border, she pulled out a ring and asked me to marry her!

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In shock, I began to laugh, and she had to ask again! Then I realized the importance of the heavy backpack, as she pulled out a bottle of champagne right there in the woods!

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