Erica and Ifegbuyi

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How We Met

I met Ife through a mutual friend 2 years ago. It all started when I was invited to a brunch gathering with some friends.At first I wasn’t going to go because I was too tired from partying the night before however , my good friend dragged me and begged me to go so i went. Once at the brunch everyone began asking why I was single and they tried to play match maker. Then my friend Tameka said do you know Lipslikepoww.I began to smile because I was just peeking at her instagram the day before. So after about two days I got the nerve to start liking her pictures and to my surprise she liked my pictures back. After a few days of exchanging likes on instagram I finally got the nerve to ask for her phone number. We talked all day every day for several days I even had flowers sent to her job to finally convince her to go on a date with me. After that the rest is history…

How They Asked

The asking was the tricky part making sure that everything was a complete surprise. I told Ife that we were going to Atlanta to see the Cavs play the Hawks , because the Cavs are my favorite team and we were in dire need of a quick getaway. I told her of the plans for the road trip on valentines day. She was very excited not even knowing what I really had planned. So the day came and we made our way to Atlanta where we stayed at The W hotel. We had a slammed pack weekend of things that we wanted to do. My only request is that she allow me to take her to dinner Saturday night to which she agreed. So Saturday comes and we have finished our rounds of visiting the coca-cola factory , the Atlanta sky wheel , and sight seeing. We go back to The W hotel and she begins to get ready for what she thinks is dinner. I knew I had to make a plan in order to surprise her so I looked at my phone then told her that the hotel had over charged me for our stay. It gave me a excuse to go to the lobby and meet with the photographer and make sure everything was still good to go. Which it was. I came back to the room and she was fully dressed, I then told her for our trouble the hotel wanted to take us on a tour of the hotel and give us a drink in the skybar.

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She was excited and thought that was the least that they could do. So we went to the lobby and the hotel security escorted us into this private sector of the hotel and we took the elevator to the top of the building. Once we go up there I was thinking this is really high. Meanwhile she is just loving the view and taking pictures. As we stand on top of the hotel the helicopter appears on the horizon and begins to land on the hotel. Ife then states ” Baby the hotel has a helicopter” Security then tells her no Erica has a helicopter and she is stunned. The helicopter lands and we take a tour of Atlanta. That last all about 30 minutes shes enjoying herself meanwhile my heart is beating out of my chest.

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We begin to land back on the hotel and I can see the photographer and hotel staff, and I really begin to get nervous. Once we landed and exited the helicopter they asked us to pose for a picture. Ife turned her back to me and I proceeded to get down on one knee.

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They counted down 3 2 1 … and she turned around and saw me on bent knee and instantly began to cry. I then asked her to marry me SHE SAID YES!!!!! it was the best day of my life afterwards we took some engagement photos and proceeded to dinner at Mortons.

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Special Thanks

Nina Parker
 | Photographer