How She Asked: Emma and Maeghan

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How we met: Four Novembers ago I was selling plastic moustaches at our University’s bar to help raise money for Movember. Shortly after getting set up with my fanny pack full of moustaches, I spotted a beautiful girl waiting in line to get into the bar. Maeghan and I attended a very small school, however, I had never seen her before and wasn’t sure I’d run into her again. So despite my hilarious attire, I followed her into the bar. After 30 minutes of searching I gave up. Luckily I was able to track Maeghan down through a mutual friend a few days later and with the help of social media convinced her to go on a (basically blind) date with me.

From the moment we met, and spent nearly 5 hours shivering in a coffee shop chatting, I knew that she was the one for me. We spent 4 months apart while we each enjoyed some time with our parents and then vowed to never be apart for that long again! Just days after our graduations, we packed up our belongings and our fat cat and moved to our Nation’s Capital city to start a life for ourselves. I don’t think I have ever had so much fun in my entire life as I had this past year living in this new city with Maeghan!

How They Asked: On a surprisingly cold, windy, and rainy Friday evening at the beginning of May, Maeghan told me she’d be late coming home since she was having after work drinks with a friend. That was fine, since I’d made plans to hangout with a friend after work as well. My friend Bryan arrived at Maeghan and I’s apartment and was in the strangest mood, but I didn’t think anything of it. He was insistent that we go for a walk, even though it was freezing cold and raining. Somehow, after 15 minutes of arguing, he convinced me to go.

photo 4 (2)When we started walking Bryan turned to me and asked “where’s your car?” Slightly confused I responded “obviously in the parking garage”. Now, Bryan was begging me to go upstairs and get the keys so we could drive to where he wanted to go for a walk. At this point I’m so annoyed, but for whatever reason I oblige without assuming anything is out of the ordinary.

After getting a little lost, and with the wind picking up, we pulled up to a hiking/biking trail near the Ottawa River. We started to walk, and I realized Bryan was incredibly preoccupied and hardly listening to me but still, I was more annoyed than confused and had no idea what was about to happen next.

As we rounded the bend, I noticed we were on the trail that crossed the beautiful abandoned train bridge that I had visited many times before. I turned to Bryan and asked if we could walk down the bride a bit and he was silent and smiling ear to ear. When I turned back around to face the bridge, I noticed a person surrounded by candles standing a few meters down the bridge. My heart dropped, and my eyes filled with tears as I began to recognize the red shirt the beautiful girl on the bridge was wearing.

I walked slowly up to Maeghan so I could work on catching my breath and wiping the tears from my face. As I reached her, she held out her hand, pulled me in, and hugged me. She told me some of the most heartfelt and wonderful things while I cried and laughed, and all of a sudden she was down on one knee 50ft over the Ottawa River asking me “will you marry me?”. I nodded and knelt down to her level to give her a kiss and tell her “YES!”.

We revisited the bridge a few months later once it warmed up a bit to snap some engagement photos and relive the best night of our lives.