Emily and Kaitlyn

How We Met

Kaitlyn and I met our freshman year of college when we sat next to each other in our communications class. Kaitlyn was the confident public speaking and I was the quiet girl on the side who didn’t talk. I noticed her the first day, but it took her a few weeks to reciprocate – but once she did we were pretty much inseparable.

How They Asked

First of all, Kaitlyn and I don’t do surprises very well so I knew she had been looking at rings, but I had no idea it was going to happen on the day it did. Kaitlyn proposed on April 13th, 2018, about two weeks before our 3rd anniversary and three weeks before college graduation (which will be important later!) For the weeks leading up to it, she and my lovely roomies had been working together to coordinate details, practice the ‘perfect kneel’ and even do a test run of the confetti canons. I was student teaching so I was gone pretty much all day every day, and they made it work without ever letting anything slip!

For weeks we had all been planning to get graduation photos – which was a great excuse because hair, nails, makeup, etc. were already done – taken around campus on a Saturday, and the forecast didn’t look promising. We switched at the last minute and decided to go out for graduation pictures on Friday, and I had previously had some suspicion, but Kaitlyn was supposed to work all Friday evening so that pretty much got rid of that.

Okay so Friday had been a long day at school and it was perfect weather for sitting on our porch, but naturally, I was met with many “no’s” when I asked if we could postpone this whole photo-op.🤣 My friends also advised me on what to wear, although I was planning on something else, which I’m thankful for now! This had me wondering again, but Kaitlyn responded to a snap chat from the lobby of her job so I brushed it off.

On the way to the center of campus for graduation pictures, my roommates were taking pictures and videos of me captioned #EmHasNoIdea (I must be completely oblivious). When we walked towards the chapel – where many seniors do their pictures & just so happens to be across from the building where Kaitlyn and I met – Kaitlyn stepped out from around a corner holding a huge bouquet of flowers and had my roomie’s photographer sister all set up and ready.

Emily's Proposal in On our college campus, in front of the building where we first met.

I was completely surprised and the whole thing is really a blur from this point; there was laughing, kneeling, and a couple of rounds of confetti canons before it all sank in! I was so happy our best friends were a part of this and that we could celebrate the beginning of our forever! Phone calls were made to excited family, confetti was all swept up (thanks babe😘) and we celebrated with our friends for the rest of the evening.

It was truly such a special day and it’s hard to believe it’s already been more than a year and a half since then!! I am so so lucky♥️

Where to Propose in On our college campus, in front of the building where we first met.