Emily and Genevieve Marie

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How We Met

Genevieve and I met at work. I was her boss at a pizza restaurant and she flirted with me one day. We ended up talking over text and flirting over snapchat. We began to hang out here and there after work until one day she kissed me. I knew instanstly I was falling for her. Genevieve was the first girl I had ever been with but I have never been more happy.

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How They Asked

Genevieve and I have been together for 2 and a half years and hoenstly I decided spur of the moment one day at work that I absolutely had to make this girl my wife. I knew with every bone in my body that she was the one. I began by asking her mom, and dad and then telling my parents the big plan. Everyone knew and was on board. My orginial plan was to propse at a hotel we were going to be booking a stay at…. however, trying to be sneaking and hide all the proposal planning from her was almost impossible. The hotel stay was still weeks away so maybe sooner will work is what I thought. I did have my sister help me with alot of it and we discussed so many options since I was getting so nervous! I got the ring on a Tuesday and I decided to do it that Friday. I already had everything I needed so I made to plan to set it up at home before we went to dinner. She thought we were just going on a date night so it worked perfectly!! I setup candles, pictures, rose petals, champagne glasses and I got a nice blue gift box for the ring. When she came out of the room I got down on one knee. The best part was she was totally surprised and she could not believe it was really happening. I was able to throw other comments in prior weeks to get her off my tail. After all the shock, we discussed how I planned it all and we drove to eat dinner. The next week she proposed to me and of course I said YES! She setup balloons with writing all over them and made the cutest poster asking me to marry her. When I came home from work she surprised me with all of it and had a wonderful dinner setup for us. I was blown away that she was so thoughtful and amazing to plan another proposal for me. I know she’s the one!! Now we both have our rings and I cannot wait for our wedding so I can officially become Mrs. Costaglio and spend forever with me love!

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