Ellen and Carina

How We Met

Carina and I are both teachers. I had just finished my teaching degree and had decided to go travelling for 2 years and had a one way ticket to India. Earlier in the year before I had booked my plane ticket I had sent my resume around to a few rural and remote schools in the hope of one day teaching in an isolated and rural town. In the last few weeks of the teaching year I received a phone call offering me a job in a town called “Lightning Ridge”. I had not sent my resume here but it had been passed on from another rural school. I had never heard of this town and had no idea where it was. I was still very keen on travelling but I ventured out for a 2 day visit before I made my decision. On my first night visiting Lightning Ridge Carina had been asked to take me out to dinner. She was the first friend I made in the town and was a big reason as to why I took the job and book a return flight so I could start teaching day one of the following year.

From the day I officially moved to Lightning Ridge we were inseparable. ​

How They Asked

For over 8 months I had been planning how I wanted to ask Carina to spend the rest of her life with me. I wanted it to be everything Carina had ever imagined. She is always making me feel surprised and so loved so I wanted to surprise her and make her feel the way she constantly makes me feel.

During the July school holidays I planned a surprise holiday for us to go to Tasmania. Carina had no idea! I helped her pack her suitcase and it wasn’t until we got to the airport that she found out where we were off to.

When we got to Tasmania we had an amazing 4 days exploring the beautiful Tasmanian East Coast. On our 5th day I had planned for a event stylist (Bek Burrows) to set the scene for the proposal. After months and months of talking over the phone with the stylist the big day was finally here. I had also arranged for a photographer to secretly capture the moment.

We were staying in a stunning secluded luxury retreat on the East Coast of Tasmania. In order to get Carina out of the retreat long enough for the stylist (Bek Burrows) to set up the lighting and florals I had to lie to Carina. I am a terrible liar and I pretended that the hot water system had broken and that we had to go out for a few hours while it was being fixed…. This was a shocking lie as the retreat was run on solar.

After stalling Carina for what felt like hours and hours we made our way back up to the retreat.

As we arrived I had to blind fold Carina so she wouldn’t see the stunning light feature Bek Burrows had installed. I led Carina through the door and I carefully walked her out onto the open deck where a beautiful winter rose installation hung above a huon pine bath tub which was slowly being filled. Champagne was chilling and the wood fire was burning. All that was left to do was ask Carina the most important question in the world.

I got down on one knee and I asked Carina, my best friend and the love of my life to spend the rest of her life with me. She said YES!

Proposal Ideas Rocky Hills East Coast Tasmania

Ellen's Proposal in Rocky Hills East Coast Tasmania

Ellen and Carina's Engagement in Rocky Hills East Coast Tasmania

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Rocky Hills East Coast Tasmania

Special Thanks

Bek Burrows
 | Planning
Fiona Vail
 | Photographer