Elizabeth and Destiny

How We Met

We met while we were servers working together at a restaurant in 2015 and eventually we became friends. We started off as just friendly co-workers of course and then what truly connected us was being vegetarian, so I thought, I told destiny about a vegan restaurant that is so good and she should try or we could go together. She said yeah sounds good but we never planned it. So eventually when she reminded me about it was by saying, “When are you gonna take me out on that date?”

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And I was like, “Whenever?!” But then I started to think about it…I started to think does she mean like a date date? So I got advice from my best friend Dawne and then we both started thinking maybe she like liked me…in a “more than a friend” kinda way. I was nervous, excited and intrigued all at the same time. So I did not mention anything to destiny but then we started to hang out and become really close friends. Working together often, hanging out a lot, and texting just about every day…all day!

Eventually, we both realized that we liked each other more than just friends and start dating, for about a full month then Destiny asked Me to be her girlfriend February 8, 2016, and have been together ever since; learning more about each other each and every day, maturing as a couple and individually, going through trials and tribulations, learning patience with and falling in love more and more with one another.

How They Asked

I told destiny that my photographer friend 📸@katieiredalee was a “new” photographer and wanted more gay couples to put into her portfolio. Katie was not new at all and had plenty of LGBT couples & experience, but Destiny did not know that! Tehe. So, in a nutshell, I was able to pick out her outfit, get her nails done (insider.lol) and pick the time and location, destiny just went with the flow which was great. Except for the fact that she got a tad bit mad at me because we planned for the photoshoot at sunset and destiny really wanted to leave sooner. So eventually we got to our Favorite winery and started winetasting. Shortly after we arrived Katie had too.

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She and I walked around the Vineyard to find the perfect spot which I already had planned my perfect spot and a backup plan just in case. As Katie and I were walking around we rehearsed what was going to happen. After we rehearsed about twice I was extremely nervous and said let’s just do it already. I went to the patio to grab my glass of wine & Destiny. We started the photoshoot, and Katie did some warm-ups shots to get us comfortable and after about 10 minutes of shooting Katie took us over to our spot which I knew was my cue. Dawne was there too…” just holding our stuff but she was truly getting ready to record it all.” Katie took a few gorgeous photos of us and then had both of us turn around and close our eyes with our backs towards each other and had to think about the first time that we had ever kissed.

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She then kept talking to us & said that we were going to turn around on the count of three and reenact that first kiss. I knew that was my cue so I anxiously turned around first, got ready and got down on one knee. As Destiny turned around and opened her eyes, I was on one knee asking her to spend the rest of her life with me!

She was completely shocked and even said, “Shut the Fuck Up!” and if you know Destiny that is just totally her personality. I then started to nervous laugh and then asked will you marry me.? She said YES! of course, and then started to cry. We hugged and kissed and then continued with our beautiful photoshoot! After our whole photoshoot was finished I had some friends and family meet us at the winery to celebrate, drink some wine and dance which we did. It was a perfect evening!

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