Dillon and Hayley

Image 1 of Hayley and Dillon

How we met

Ok let’s see so back in September of 2014 is when we met, we can’t remember the exact date but we know it was some time in the middle of September. We met online(Plenty of fish), started talking through emails, and set up a date to meet right away. When I first saw Dillon I was intimidated by her beauty and very shy. Right away I was very drawn to her confidence and humor. I immediately was very attracted to her even more so once we started really talking and getting to know each other. I think we fell in love pretty fast, we moved in together and had a house after only 6 months of being together. Everything seemed to go really fast but at the same time fell into place. We have gone through already so much together and are truly each-others best friend.

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How They Asked

Weeks before April 11th I saw a post on Facebook asking for two women same sex for a elopement Photo shoot. I thought it sounded fun so I went foreword and asked my gf if she would like to do it, she was all for it as she says I do modeling all the time. I’ve done a little bit in my past and I do runway shows every now and again mostly for the bridal bizarre in San Diego. So to me it was something totally normal. So I spoke with the brilliant photographer Lianna and as we talked over details u started thinking that it would be so perfect to propose to my gf during this shoot. I’ve always imagined myself doing something out of the ordinary and very romantic for a proposal. I asked Lianna if it would be ok to do this and she was all for it. She went all out as she had tons of different vendors involved for this staged surprise photo shoot for my soon to be wife.

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The week before the shoot I was so nervous, the day’s couldn’t of gone by any slower. I couldn’t eat, sleep and I was texting my family and her family like crazy to get approvals and support. Man! I definitely didn’t know it would be this nerve racking to propose to someone. So finally the big day came and everything went very smooth. We started with getting our hair and makeup done then met everyone at my moms house where we shot the photos. She lives in Rainbow, Ca. Unreal, gorgeous property. “A dream come true for a photographer”, stated by Lianna.

Image 4 of Hayley and Dillon

We arrived and everything looked so perfect. My dress that was hand made just for me was just stunning and the bouquet and flower crown were unbelievable. After we got all ready we started taking pictures and they had a cake made by another very talented artist who wrote on a cake in beautiful writing “Will you marry me”.

Image 5 of Hayley and Dillon

They planned it out where Dillon and I would be about to pose for a photo when they stop to ask Dillon to turn around one of the cakes because it’s facing the wrong way, at that moment she’s suppose to see the what’s written on the cake but she doesn’t she looks down at me as I’m down on one knee asking her to marry me and she’s stunned!

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Image 7 of Hayley and Dillon

Image 8 of Hayley and Dillon

She thinks it’s fake, she even looks around at everyone and ask “Is this real”? It was real alright. She looked ate again with tears filled in her eyes and said “yeah I’ll marry you”. It was so amazing my fairy tale proposal came true. After that we took REAL engagement photos and then left for the night for a romantic getaway/celebration at a local resort.

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Image 10 of Hayley and Dillon

special thanks

Photography + Videography: Elle Lily Photography and Videography
Florals: Sweet Stems Florist
Hair and Makeup: Sandra Michelle Artistry
Caked: The Batter up Bakery
Airbrush Tan: Land and Sea Beauty
Custom Invitations: CC Shirock Paper
Custom Gown: Scr Murrieta
Bow Tie: Knotty CO. Bow Ties
Furniture rental: Nomad Nuptials

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