DeVonna and Miko

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How We Met

We met in 2008 when we were in high school at the Summer Math and Science Honors Academy at UC Berkeley, pushed to apply by moms determined to see their daughter succeed. We met during my final year and her first year. We became fast friends that summer, spending lots of time talking, so much so that everyone thought she lived on my floor instead of her own, becoming an honorary member. One weekend during the program, my dad and her mom came to visit us. From one end of the courtyard, we heard, “Booze??” echoing from a familiar voice. It was her mom calling out to my dad, friends from childhood. Fast forward almost 12 years, we led completely separate lives connected only by the occasional “happy birthday” on the Facebook wall, but even those were far and few in between.

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October 2019. I was on my way to Rome, excited about the prospect of getting my favorite treat, Shake Shack, during my layover at LAX. I was not prepared for a reunion, but that’s just what I got. As a downed my water in anticipation of going through security. My eyes fluttered a little bit as I tried to reconcile what I was seeing, my old friend from the summer program I was never supposed to be in. We were beating odds again, serendipitously. So I called out as loud as reasonably acceptable in an airport, “MIKO!” I wasn’t sure she’d even notice because she had headphones on, but time did her. well so I thought I’d give it a shot. She looked my way to express that she knew me but didn’t know me.

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After a brief moment of catching up, she quickly scurried off to make sure she didn’t miss her flight. I finished my water and headed to the security checkpoint. With another push from fate, I walked up right behind her where we struck up another conversation where we realized that not only were we headed to the same terminal, on the same airline, but we were on the same flight. We talked more as we headed to our gate. I guess the conversation was going well because we decided to have our seats moved together. As we flew to our respective destinations, we both anticipated our returns home, for a special friend date once we returned. After that, we never looked back. We spent time getting to know each other as adults and what we saw almost immediately was that we were two people who did the work to be ready for each other. We’ve been together ever since.

How They Asked

We had just moved into our new apartment together, across the country and in the middle of the pandemic. When the pandemic started, we wanted to do something to maintain the fun and excitement in our relationship. We got The Couples Adventure Challenge and immediately started doing the dates inside. One, however, caught my eye immediately. They teased a date on the packaging and I was excited because it was all about baking. I went on and on about how I couldn’t wait to do that date specifically. She told me she was excited too, but wanted to wait until we had moved and settled into our own space. Now I know it was because of what she was planning.

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We had been in our apartment for about two weeks when I kept pushing to do the date now that we were in our apartment, little did I know I was picking my engagement date. We were tasked with baking a dessert with one of us being blindfolded. Halfway through we switched and just as we were finishing up, she says, ” we forgot a special ingredient”, to which I replied, “what?” Then she got down on one knee and began to give a speech about why she loved me. At first, I thought she was joking, but then she pulled out the ring and all I could do was drop my jaw. My first response: stop playing. My final response: YES!

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