Denise and Kristina

how we met

Denise and I met on Instagram! Almost 7 years ago! Everyone always asks “who slid in who’s DMs” and I laugh because DMs weren’t a thing yet lol! You had to like pictures and comment publicly for you to talk to someone! Lol it was just innocent flirting here and there until I pulled the trigger and asked if we could take our conversation outside of the app. As soon as we did, our conversations were from the moment we woke up until we went to bed. There was this instant pull, an undeniable spark towards one another. Our conversations just flowed and never seemed to stop! And while I was in another time zone I didn’t want to even sleep and lose moments of talking to her so I was running on less sleep and some red bulls because I was so drawn to her! I wanted to know everything, I wanted to make her smile I just wanted to spend my energy on her!

how they asked

I had been planning it for so long! With Kristinas friends and family being on the East coast, I had to plan in advance to give them notice so some of them could be a part of it and fly to California. But it was stressful! Only because I wanted it to be so perfect. This woman deserves the world and she sacrificed everything to move across the country so we could give our relationship all the tools to grow so it was stressful but really exciting bringing my vision to life! I proposed on a Saturday, 1 day shy of our 6th anniversary. I told her I had to work (which I’m not completely sure she believed me because I don’t normally work weekends but I had to give it a shot lol) and told her to be ready by a certain time and I’d send her an address to meet up with me later. I know she annoyed but i had to get everything together before telling her where to go! I planned the proposal at OUE Skyspace in downtown LA with both our friends and families at sunset. The entire ambiance was just romantic, the staff was completely in on it and giving me updates the entire time she was in the building so that they could start playing the music when she was right outside the observation deck! Kristina says that when she got to the building she had a feeling… but she was trying not to overthink it lol! Kristina; but as soon as I got to the observation deck and heard our song playing it all clicked and I started sobbing! It was so perfect in every way, I didn’t even know everyone was there because they all turned their heads so I was so focused only on Neesy! I didn’t realize everyone was there until after I said yes and heard cheering! Lol

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