Dawn and Kim

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Santorini, Greece

How They Asked

The proposal took place one day before Kim’s 30th birthday in Santorini, Greece. We were 8 days into the most amazing vacation traveling the different islands of Greece and Santorini was our last stop. I planned the most romantic private dinner that night and it was absolutely perfect. It was the most beautiful backdrop to the point it looks almost photoshopped in our video. We were seated and ordered some drinks and I excused myself real quick to “go to the bathroom”, little did Kim know I was really going to search for the manager that would help me capture this moment. I secretly told the manager that I was planning to propose to Kim as soon as our drinks came to the table and that I wanted him to walk over to us and ask how everything was going so far, at that point I was going to ask him to take a couple pictures but when I hand off my phone it will already be recording as he pretends to take pictures of us.

Dawn and Kim's Engagement in Santorini, Greece

It went as smooth as I could ever imagine and as we stood there taking these “pictures” I was talking to Kim and telling her how much I loved her but to be honest all I could think is “don’t fall in the pool and don’t drop this ring off the cliff lol”. I practiced for months what I was going to say when the time came around. As we stood there looking at the most beautiful view our eyes have ever seen, I told her a few sweet things that I could remember wanting to say, turned her around to me so we were face to face, I grabbed her hand and kissed it softly as I got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife.

She had absolutely no idea this was going to happen and was so thrown off guard that she forgot to even say yes right away lol it was priceless and the fact we have the entire thing on video makes it even more memorable. The next day to continue the surprises I had a photoshoot planned to take our engagement photos. She was totally shocked and in such awe that this beautiful place would be remembered forever in our engagement photos.