Dara and Nata

How They Asked

Nata and I had been together 6 years when I proposed, a complicated undertaking that had been in the works for many, many months.

For this reason I chose 6 locations that were meaningful in our relationship (our first date, our first apartment, where we first kissed etc.), and purchased 6 rings that stack together. I asked 5 groups of family and close friends to participate, and for each location wrote out the story of why that location was meaningful, a question with which they would ‘propose’ to her (e.g. Will you always go for a drink with me and our friends?), and a clue for the next location.

On the day of the proposal, our close friends took Nata for a drink at the bar where we had our first date. After the drink, my friend started telling the story of our first date, then proposed with the first ring, and gave Nata a clue for the next location. With this Nata got sent on an adventure around the city with each stop providing a story, a question with a ring, and the clue for the next location.

It was all a total and complete surprise to her (and in Nata’s words – she “ugly cried” for most of it).

When she arrived at the 6th location, outside of where we first met on a dance floor, I was waiting for her. I told her the story of our first meeting (I yelled at her on the dance floor #badflirting), and suggested we take a walk down to the beach… when we rounded the corner we saw a graffiti artist I had hired to spray paint live: Nata, will you marry me?

Nata said yes.

For the final surprise, I lied and said that I’d made quiet dinner reservations for just the two of us. In fact, I had rented out a restaurant where everyone who was on the engagement adventure, in addition to a few close friends and family, were waiting to celebrate with us! We ended the night with food, drinks, and some beautiful speeches from friends and family. Mostly I got to tell everyone how Nata is my absolute favourite person in the world.

I love you Nata.

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