Daniella and Sharisse

How We Met

Sharisse’s cousin tried to set up a date for a few months. We both weren’t looking, so we kept blowing it off. One day she convinced me to stop by the restaurant she bar tended at after I got out of work. It was late, I was gross and all I wanted was pizza. When I walked in, Sharisse was there! She knew I was coming. I was pleasantly surprised while I was wearing my, “Pizza, pizza, pizza” shirt. She ordered meatballs, a meat plate and I’m a vegetarian. Needless to say, we ended up hitting it off!

How They Asked

We just recently bought a house in the Catskills. Before we closed on the house, I contacted the previous owners to ask if we could spend a night there. I didn’t tell Sharisse where we were going. We arrived to the house around 3 am because, she worked late. She was scared of the darkness and woods!

To calm her down, I told her to have a glass of wine. By the time we settled in it was daylight and our dogs needed to be walked. I had this elaborate plan which involved breakfast the next day, and the dogs in bow-ties. However it felt like this was the moment and I couldn’t wait.

Where to Propose in Our new house in the Catskills.

Danielle's Proposal in Our new house in the Catskills.

So, as we were walking the dogs in front of the house, I found the perfect opportunity to propose with our wine, my iPhone, the ring and our dogs in hand!

Special Thanks

Victoria Boustani
Our wedding venue! Helped submit our story!