Dani and Shannen

Image 1 of Dani and Shannen

How We Met

We met on Instagram! Shannen slid into my DMs about some new sunglasses I had bought and we started talking. The DMs lead to texts the texts lead to FaceTime and before we knew it we were flying back and forth between Miami and Philly. Our long-distance relationship has been the most amazing experience and allowed us to grow and cultivate true and meaningful love for one another.

Image 2 of Dani and Shannen

Image 3 of Dani and Shannen

How They Asked

Shannen was down in Miami celebrating our anniversary. We were staying at the Savoy Hotel for a little staycation action. Before dinner, I told Shannen we should take some pictures with my friend who is a photographer.

Image 5 of Dani and Shannen

My friend asked Shannen to face the ocean for a test shot and that was my cue to sneak in behind and get down on one knee. There were a lot of tears and laughs, little words but a huge “Duh” from Shannen to seal the deal.

Image 4 of Dani and Shannen

Special Thanks

Steph Mas
 | Photographer
Rosie Simmons
 | Photographer