Dana and Kaitlyn

How We Met

Kaitlyn and I attended high school together, where I actually dated her best friend briefly! When I moved back home from college we were hanging out in the same friend groups, and instantly built a super strong connection. The first night we hung out one-on-one, Kaitlyn got a little drunk and told me she’d always loved me and proposed after a 2 mile walk downtown! I, of course, said “no thanks!” And here we are, 3 years later, engaged to be married!

How They Asked

I wanted to surprise Kaitlyn this year, and take her to Grinchmas at Universal Stuidos for her birthday. We decided to invite some friends to join the festivities with us! Our friends brought their super awesome camera and we all decided we were going to take some cute “couples photos”. Leaving the park for the day, we found the perfect place and went back to the hotel to get ready. While I was getting dressed and made up for our photos, Kaitlyn and our friends Bryan and Ally kept leaving the hotel room! I was super confused but kept it moving because we were on a time crunch! Turns out, they were actually having to go to the lobby of our hotel to buy Pepto Bishop because Kaitlyn was getting super nauseous!

Proposal Ideas Universal Studios Orlando

As we were walking and snapping photos, Kaitlyn kept saying “this spot isn’t good enough” or “let’s keep looking for a different backdrop” and I’ll admit, I was getting super frustrated! It was hot, I was sweating, and I had heels on! I didn’t understand why it mattered what the backdrop looked like! So once we found a good spot, Kaitlyn said “let’s try one where we pose like this; we start like this (she got down on one knee) and we end like this (she pulled out my ring!)” I was SHOCKED when she pulled out the most perfect ring in the world, I don’t think I actually ever said “yes!” Just shook my head a lot and did a little happy dance! It was the most perfect proposal, in my favorite place with some of my favorite people!

Where to Propose in Universal Studios Orlando

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