Cynthia and Brenda

How We Met

Cynthia and I met a little over 10 years ago. We actually dated for a few months! Just last year we got back in touch because I slid into her dm on Instagram lol.

How They Asked

Cynthia is an Art director and was asked by one of her designers if he could take professional pictures of us for his portfolio. Cynthia knows I love taking photos so she knew this would be the perfect way to ask me without me catching on! On our way to the beach, Cynthia was quiet, more quiet than usual.. we get to the beach both matching, wearing white. She takes her black leather jacket off, I asked why do you need that it’s not cold? (Still didn’t ring a bell that the ring was probably in there…) I meet her designer we start taking pictures.

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Then he asked for solo pictures! I told Cynthia she can go first lol once it became my turn I was told not to turn around. Once I was asked to turn around there she was on one knee!! For one second I still believed it was for the photoshoot so I couldn’t help but laugh ( nervous laugh) I can’t believe I thought that for a split second! Lol, Of course, I said yes!

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