Courtney and Shanna

How We Met

Shanna and I met on Twitter, which is so crazy because we know so many of the same people and on top of that Shanna went to school with my brother and sister. I strongly believe we didn’t cross paths because the timing wasn’t right, and then suddenly it was. I instantly knew she was the one, she was my person. The day we met in person was the day I knew I had found my future wife.

Our first hug is a feeling I will never forget, it was crazy how it all felt so right.. when we literally JUST met?!? I thought I was insane for falling for somebody I barely knew but when you know, you know!!

How They Asked

My Fiancé, Shanna, never went to her high school prom because she wasn’t confident in who she was and other personal things.

Our one year anniversary started getting closer so I was trying to really figure what I was going to do for such an incredible human who deserves the world.

I, then, thought of throwing her an all-out surprise prom since she never went to her own!

I was trying to figure out a way to get Shanna into a tux without her knowing exactly what for? How was I gunna do that? I emailed our photographer and asked her if she would pretend to set up a styled shoot that required Shanna and I to get a little fancier than normal. Our photographer did just that, it worked, so I got myself a prom dress and got Shanna into a tux!

Courtney and Shanna's Engagement in Odessa, TX


While I was planning surprise prom, Shanna had a surprise up her sleeve as well!

She ALSO emailed our photographer asking if she could set up a shoot for our one year anniversary where Shanna would propose in the middle of the session.

The day comes of surprise prom + the proposal.. Our photographer posed us + told us to close our eyes and in that time she was placing the ring in Shanna’s hands; while Shanna kept asking me “are your eyes closed?” & “are you sure you have your eyes closed because she told us too?!?”

Then, our photographer told us to open our eyes and I see Shanna down on one knee with the ring in her hands!!

Instantly I started saying “oh my gosh! no way, shut up?!?”. I was completely shocked.

I said yes without actually ever saying “Yes!”

Where to Propose in Odessa, TX

Our A M A Z I N G photographer went a whole three or so months without giving away either secret, and she’s now going to be our wedding photographer.

I got to end my first night being engaged by surprising my now fiancé with her surprise prom!

Courtney's Proposal in Odessa, TX


Special Thanks

Amanda Ingram
 | Photographer