Courtney and AlLeigh

How We Met

We met out of incredible chance and immediately became best friends. We both were previously married and completely unaware of any feelings deeper than friendship that we had for each other. As we both walked through divorces after we came to the realization that we were gay, we grew closer and eventually decided that we wanted more than the beautiful friendship we had been building for 3 years. I knew she was the one as soon as we entered our relationship. There wasn’t a moment I wasn’t thinking about her.

How They Asked

Well! I was the one who asked. Haha! My partner is an incredibly curious and suspicious human being (I love her for it but surprises are hard!). After I got the ring, I was already acting like a crazy weirdo because I was so stupidly excited.

Anywho, I knew I needed to be extremely spontaneous and decided Christmas Eve morning that “today was the day.” I called two of our best friends and immediately devised a plan! Our friend, Alex, was going to literally kidnap her for the day…I mean she literally called Courtney (my partner) on her way to our apartment and was like “HI. I’m coming to get you.” Our other friend, Mandi, was with me all day (I was “working”) helping create literal magic. I wrestled with where to do it and ultimately chose our apartment because we both love our life we have built together SO MUCH. It was ours and that’s exactly what I wanted this moment to be. Ours.

So I printed off 12 pictures from the different stages of our relationship over the last two years, I bought “Marry Me” balloons and I set my cameras up (I’m a photographer/videographer) to shoot everything. Again, Mandi came in clutch with the picture taking on my camera!

I worked up to the last second, FaceTimed in her best friend Hannah and her grandparents that raised her! And then BOOM there she was. I didn’t have words…it was like I was falling in love with her for the first time all over again. The only words I could muster up were “I love you…please marry me.” Haha! It seemed to be enough because she said YES! Merry Christmas to me! I got the best gift, I’m completely convinced.

Proposal Ideas At our home in Dallas, TX

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At our home in Dallas, TX

Special Thanks

Mandi Guinta
 | Photographer
Mandi Guinta
 | Planning