Colleen and Mandy

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How We Met

We actual met online but upon meeting in person we realized we had been at the same halloween party a month earlier with friends trying to get out in the dating world. We somehow must have walked around completely opposite sides of the party the whole time because we were both there for several hours without ever seeing the other (we definitely had different and noticeable costumes on). We started dating shortly after meeting online and moved in together 5 months later. After 2 years together and 2 dogs later we were both sure and went looking at rings. After picking out rings we both independently decided when we were going to propose.

How They Asked

With the help of Travis at, Dramatic Focal Point, I planned a snowshoeing trek which I shared with Mandy but not the notion that I was going to propose to her. We got into Breckenridge, got our rental snowshoes and headed up to the trail where Travis was hidden. Everything went as planned. We arrived on time, Travis was hidden (though I did not see him), I dropped down on one knee and “popped the question”. Everything was a bit of an emotional blur and I was caught completely off guard as I rose to my feet and Mandy dropped to one knee and proceeded to propose right back to me. Two proposals, two rings, two YES answers!

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