Clara and Vincent

How We Met

Vincent and I met 4 years ago at a church event and have been best friends since. I was dating someone at that time and he still wanted to show interest. Little did I know Vince wanted to date me. Shortly after my first boyfriend broke up with me, I let Vincent take me out, having fear because I didn’t want to be hurt but I felt only trust and complete safety with him. He took me on dates for a good 8.5 months till I moved. After I moved I told God if there was really someone out there for me I would accept it and trust Him. Vince and I reconnected after 1 year of me being distant because I wanted to focus on myself. Little did I know, our love was the same. I loved him even more, he asked me to be his girlfriend on new years 2019 at 12:12.

How They Asked

Well, it came to our one month anniversary on 2-1-19 and I had planned to propose to him if his ring came on time. I said we would go on a “romantic walk”. I have been writing him letters up to the day we get married , because i live 3 hours away. Well this week I decided to write them but give all of them to him in his anniversary gift, except for the last one that i saved for the walk, because in the letter I asked him “Will you hold my hand through Eternity and Marry me ??” I then got on one knee and asked him. He was so shocked and surprised it took him a moment to realize i was actually asking him. He said “Yes”, we hugged and it was the best hug we have ever had. I put his ring on him , his favorite color black and blue. He responded. “You beat me to it”. I love him so much. When you know it is right with someone , you just know. I’m so blessed. Thanks for letting me share our story .

Clara's Proposal in Tempe Town Lake

Special Thanks

Darla Freeman
 | Photographer