Chloe and Gerone

how we met

We both ended up opening for the same restaurant, G was a chef, and I (Chloè) worked as a server in the front. Soon after we saw each other, we quickly added each other on socials. After a couple weeks of her asking to hang out with me, I finally caved in. And since that first day we hung out, we haven’t spent a day apart. Literally.

how they asked

Well for starters, we both knew we had a ring for each other. We started planning the wedding before actually getting engaged, and so I sassily told G I didn’t even know why we were planning a wedding yet since I’m not engaged. That when she told me the ring was on its way, and I had just ordered one for her that morning. So I knew a proposal was coming. Fast forward a couple weeks, we planned to meet some friends for margaritas. But before we left to go to the restaurant, she told me to pack an overnight bag. I thought it was weird but then again, we are spontaneous people. So we get done with our drinks and instead of riding with our friends, G called an Uber. It takes us to the Bellweather, which is an upscale hotel, and she got one of the best suites. They had set up the room with candles, rose petals, and champagne. I’m crying like a baby, and I turn around and she’s on one knee. Of course I say yes. We popped the bottle of champagne and went out to the deck. It was an ocean front room and a beautiful sunset had just begun. We continued to get celebrate and ordered pizza and wings at midnight. It was one of the best nights of my life.

Special Thanks

Ariena Photography
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Washington State Arboretum
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