Chelsea and Kylee

how they asked – chelsea

Kylee and I planned on going to Atlanta for the weekend to visit our Atlanta friends and hang out for one last time before one moved away (or so I thought). Friday was quite normal. Kylee had been working at the Atlanta office that week, so I flew in and met her at the office. From there, we met up with our friends and had a chill wine and cheese night. The next morning, we woke up and headed to a workout class. After the class, I jumped in the shower and started getting ready for the day. It was weird that I couldn’t hear Kylee in the apartment. I asked our friend (we were staying at his apartment) where Kylee went and he said she went to the store (totally believable). So I kept getting ready. When I was done, I walked into the kitchen and noticed an envelope sitting on the table next to my phone that said #1. I was VERY suspicious and continued to open the envelope to find a clue from Kylee inside. It mentioned she had a date planned and said to tell our friends to take me to the place we once got locked out of (Kylee’s old townhouse). I headed to the first location where I found two more of our friends with the next envelope leading me to Kylee’s office building. Once I got to the office building, our next friend had an envelope but instead of Kylee’s handwriting, it was written by her parents. That’s when I knew this was definitely a proposal and began to cry. The next stop was a rainbow crosswalk in midtown. That envelope was written by my mom and dad, and had me completely sobbing. By the next and final card I had traveled all over the city, collected a posse of friends and was heading to the final stop, Piedmont Park. Once we walked through the park, I saw Kylee sitting up on a hill. With a perfect view of our favorite skyline, she proposed! To celebrate, Kylee went to Scofflaw (our favorite Atlanta brewery). It was such a meaningful day in a city that is such a big part of our story and hearts. Kylee made it so special by incorporating our friends and our parents. It was amazing!

how they asked – kylee

It worked out really well that I always wanted to come up with a really creative proposal, and Chelsea always envisioned herself being proposed to, so we knew from the get-go that I’d be the one to propose first. I actually had originally planned to propose sometime this fall, but after we learned some devastating news about Chelsea’s dad’s health, I wanted to propose right away. I wanted make sure I had his blessing and give us the chance to try and plan a wedding as soon as possible. I was trying to think of a proposal idea on short notice, but I was having trouble coming up with one that felt creative, fun, unique, and also like “us.” Then I remembered that, in about a month, we had a trip planned to visit Atlanta for a farewell party for a couple of our good friends. I thought having all of our close friends from the area there to help and celebrate with us in one of our favorite cities would be perfect. I asked my mom for some help figuring out how to get a ring, and two weeks later I had the diamond my dad used to propose to her re-set in a new ring for Chelsea. Once I knew I’d have the ring in time, I was trying to think of a way to incorporate all of our friends into the proposal when the idea of a scavenger hunt came to mind. I picked 5 locations in the city that were meaningful to us, and I wrote clues directing Chelsea from spot to spot. I wrote most of the clues, but I also had each of our parents write out a clue for her. The day of the proposal, I left Chelsea the first clue while she was in the shower and then I disappeared to get ready. Each location had one of our friends waiting at it with the next clue. A couple of my friends shared their locations with me on their phones, so I was anxiously watching where they were headed all morning. I was waiting up on a hill in Piedmont Park in Atlanta when I finally saw our whole group of friends heading my way. At the bottom of the hill, they stopped and let Chelsea come up to me on her own. I honestly can barely remember what I said, but I do know I asked her to marry me and she said yes. I also know some of the next words were, “So we get to watch the Purdue game, right?” and “when do we get food?” Then, in perfect Chels and Ky style, we headed to one of our favorite breweries, Scofflaw, to celebrate!

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