Charmecia and Jessica

How They Asked

So one day my fiancé and I decided that we were going to go downtown and apply for a marriage license. We knew we wanted to be married and had been talking about it for some time however, I didn’t have the ring. Once we got the marriage license the pressure was on. We didn’t realize we had 60 days before the marriage license expired which meant I needed to get her a RING and we needed to be married!

Where to Propose in Isle of Palms

One week passed and we decided to go into the jewelry store to see what size rings we needed. While in the store getting our fingers fitted she ended up finding a ring she liked! She suckered me into getting it for her before we even left the store. The ring was one of a kind so we couldn’t leave it behind. Now that I have the ring she is super anxious to wear it! I tell her that she can’t because I need to properly give it to her (propose). A couple of days go by and she’s away at work for seven days (she’s a full-time nanny)and all she’s talking about is the ring. While all I’m thinking about is ways to propose.

Charmecia's Proposal in Isle of Palms

So while she was on vacation at the beach I figured out a way of how I was going to propose. I text her best friend and her reach out to the parents of the kids that she works for and from there the clock started counting down. We had 4 days to prepare. I scrambled around with the ideas got it all together and we (her niece, best friend, and goddaughter) were all headed down the road to pay her a surprise. To keep her in the dark we went Saturday after I got off of “work” (this was how I managed to get my hair and nails done). The whole time my fiancé had no idea she was totally clueless.

We arrived Saturday evening at the hotel in Charleston where we met my sister and son who were vacationing in GA. We all went out to eat for dinner and I told my fiancé I was hanging out with my brothers. I told her it would be a late-night so that she would just fall asleep and not wait up for our goodnight talk/FaceTime. My plan worked. When I called her after we arrived at the hotel for the evening and got everything prepared for the next day she had already gone to sleep.

So I just sent a sweet goodnight message. ?The next morning came and it was SHOW TIME . We arrived on the beach with 30 min to set up as the parents told us they couldn’t stall my fiancée any longer. My fiancé arrives at the beach and as she is walking the first thing she says to the parents was “Aww someone is having a wedding on the beach!”?She still has no clue. She begins to walk closer and realizes this is for her … ?