Charita and Rachel

Ok so getting ready for my 30th birthday party where I knew all my family and friends would be present, that day was so crazy for me my makeup artist stood me up and hour before I had to be to the venue!! I cried a lot that day but I managed to push through. I purchased a pair of shoes after I was dressed and ready to go to the party I went to put my shoes on and noticed I had two left shoes ? It was heartbreaking did I mention my party theme was a Garden Gala it was simply beautiful! After greeting my family and friends and eating and crying about how happy I was that everyone had come out to see me on my special day. I never suspected a THING! An hour into the evening everyone gathered around the projector as Rachel Took the microphone, She sits me down in a chair and say I put a Little video together for you since I couldn’t get u anything for your bday 5 minutes into the slide I was a fist full of tears!! I gotup to give her a hug and she backed me into the crowd and got on her knees as she did that I gasped and backed away I was totally in shock I had all sorts of ? in my stomach, this was really happening the women of my dreams asked for my hand!! Of course I SAID YES!! And we danced and partied the rest of the night away as The #FutureMrsWherry

Image 1 of Charita and Rachel

Image 2 of Charita and Rachel